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What are your plans for 2013?

7th March 2013

Like most people, we spend a bit of time in the New Year thinking over the your goals for 2013past year and making plans for the future. This year, we thought we would share them with you.

Our business continues to grow with a 12% increase in calls in January. The majority of our callers want help with employment law – questions about absence and disciplinary procedures come top of that list, quickly followed by concerns about terms and conditions and working relationships. With employment tribunal claims on the increase and employment law hitting the headlines on a regular basis, callers tend to be more aware of the subject than ever. Unfortunately, it is a complex area – people often do not realise how complex until too late. We are putting together a series of webinars about employment law to help small businesses to stay out of trouble. We know where the problem areas are, as our callers tell us! We are hoping to launch the webinars later this year.

Our next most popular subject area is family law, with callers concerned about divorce, consent orders and custody issues. Third in the popularity contest is property law, especially landlord and tenant queries. Landlords want to know about evictions, s8 and s21 notices and tenants usually want to know how to get their landlords to fix things, or repay deposits.

We have been helping callers with legal issues since 1996. During that time the legal landscape has altered dramatically. We have seen more restrictions placed on legal aid. Law centers and the CAB are under increasing pressure. 

We have noticed a growing number of callers who need assistance in drawing up basic legal documents such as Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney, as well as help with family issues, but are uncertain where to go for help. To meet this demand we are working with trusted partners to offer callers timely, cost effective help with this. There has been significant interest this new service and we are looking into other areas where we can help people meet their needs in the most efficient manner.

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