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The Strain of Stress

30th March 2011

Stress is perhaps the key health and wellbeing issue for organisations and its key talent. As such, organisations need to understand the extent to which it can impact their people before it causes chaos in employees’ personal and professional worlds.

A survey undertaken by the Institute of Management (2000), for example, suggests that 75 percent of executives report stress adversely affects their health, happiness, home life and performance at work. And according to the CIPD’s Absence Management Review (2008) stress is the leading cause of long-term absence in non-manual workers. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), stress is defined as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’. Such ‘excessive pressures’ may come from an individual’s personal or professional life, but regardless of its source, it has the potential to negatively impact on an employee’s personality, productivity and performance.
Surprisingly, however, for many employees it’s not always the big life events, that can contribute to and cause stress. For the many it’s the ‘smaller’ issues that can, at first glance, seem less significant, but which put considerable pressure on an individual and contribute to untold stress for them and - significantly for the employer - have serious repercussions in ...<read more>

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