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New Year, New Law

22nd January 2014

looking for law imageWith the festive season behind us and the New Year stretching before us our thoughts turn to what we expect from 2014. For us at Law Express that means thinking about likely legal changes and how they might affect our callers.

Here are some of the changes we are expecting:

More protection for Consumers expected to take effect from 18 June 2014 including;

A new delivery guarantee which means that companies that arrange to deliver goods by mail or courier will have to provide a remedy if goods arrive damaged or do not arrive on time.

Companies will have to explain whether extended warranties offer any extra protection over and above the Consumer Guarantees Act when offering them for sale and customers will have the right to cancel an extended warranty within five working days of receiving it.

More reform to Family Law for 2014

Provisions of the Children and Families Bill are expected to come into force in 2014. The Bill deals with various family issues, including adoption and children in care, procedural aspects of the family justice system and children and young people with special educational needs.

The legal aid cuts of 2013 have continued to impact on many people with family law issues who are no longer eligible for legal aid. We are seeing an increasing number of calls on family issues and expect the increase to continue throughout 2014.

More rights to flexible working from 6 April 2014

Anyone with 26 weeks continuous employment will be able to request flexible working. Acas are producing a new Code of Practice and some guidance for employers.

The emphasis on flexible, family friendly working continues, with further potential reforms including introducing a new shared parental leave system and shared parental pay plus a right to time off for ante-natal care. These changes may be introduced in 2014-2015.

And to kick it all off in style…

January 31st sees changes to the much debated TUPE regulations. The highlights: Employers will be able to renegotiate terms in collective agreements a year after the transfer, providing the new terms do not disadvantage the employees overall, businesses with 10 or fewer employees will be able to inform and consult with their employees directly and TUPE will only apply to a change of service provision when the services to be provided after the transfer are “fundamentally or essentially the same” as they were before the transfer. We are interested to see what effect (if any) the changes will have on employers dealing with TUPE situations…

As always, there are plenty of other changes in the pipeline in all the areas of law we cover – Landlord and Tenant, Property, Employment, Family, Consumer, Wills and Probate and Tax. If you have got any questions about the changes highlighted in this ezine, or any other legal queries we can help you with do give us a call on 01275-378 700.

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