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Hugging Skype

16th March 2015

A recent newspaper report caught our eye, concerning contact with a child living abroad.

In a recent High Court family law case, the mother of a 2 year child wanted to emigrate to Hong Kong and take her son with her.  She proposed that contact would continue with visits and via skype and email.

The father of the child objected to this as he was concerned with the practicalities of visits and a toddler being party to skype and other internet based services.  His legal team concluded their argument with ‘you can’t hug skype’ and the judge agreed.  In this case the mother’s request to remove the child to Hong Kong was refused.

All cases concerning children are based on the child welfare principle, their welfare being the paramount consideration at all times. Whilst this case was very much decided on its own facts, it strongly supports the view that a long distance relationship with a child cannot be conducted via an electronic third party.  Proving that whatever we all think of the internet - there are still some things it cannot do!