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Answers on a Podcast

17th October 2011

Explode the myths - try our
employment law quiz.

When it comes to employment law, employers often make the same mistakes. Try our (tongue in cheek) quiz, then listen to our podcast where we give the answers and explode the myths.

What does probation period mean to you?
a) Supervision after someone's been released from prison
b) A Time where a new employee is more closely monitored
b) to ensure he or she is right for the job.
c) The try out period before someone becomes an employee.

You can just get rid of an employee until they have been employed by you for a year.
a) Yes. That's right.
b) No. That's wrong.
c) It's sort of right, but there are some exceptions.

What is a SILON?
a) A robot at war with humanity in Battlestar Galactica.
b) Like a PILON, but the employee only has the right to salary in lieu of notice,
b) not payment including any benefits.
c) No idea. I'll listen to the podcast.

Can you force an employee to work their notice period?
a) No. That's slavery.
b) Yes – they have to work their notice.
c) No, but you might be able to sue them for damages if they refuse.

Myth or Fact? Listen to the podcast for the answers.
See if you got the answers right on our Employment Law quiz.

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