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If you are caught speeding, there are a number of rules and procedures the police must adhere to. This section provides a description of the rules and procedures, and you may be able to contest a ticket or conviction on the grounds that these were not followed.

A summary of the penalties for speeding offences is also provided.

Notice of Intent to Prosecute (NIP)

In some cases the driver will be stopped at or near the scene of the offence and warned of the possibility of prosecution. In some cases, this is not possible, so the police will use the registration number of the car to find the keeper’s address. They will then send them a Notice of Intent to Prosecute (NIP). If this is not received by the keeper/driver within 14 days of the offence, then it may be possible to challenge the NIP. This rule applies to:

  • Dangerous, careless and inconsiderate driving. 
  • Dangerous or careless cycling.
  • Failing to comply with traffic signs and directions.
  • Speeding offences.
  • Leaving vehicle in a dangerous position.

Note that this rule does not apply for fixed penalty notices

Call for further information including:-

- Do the road signs comply with the Signing Requirement?

- Can the Reading be challenged?

- The police vehicle’s speedometer

- A hand held radar gun

- What penalty will I face?