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Why do you need a Photocard Driving Licence?

Photocard licences were introduced in the UK in July ’98 to bring us in line with European law, which requires that all driving licences are of a standard format, and contain the licence holder’s picture and signature. The DVLA point out that there are numerous other benefits to the photocard licence which include:

  • They are more secure and reduce the opportunity for identity theft or misrepresentation
  • They ensure that the person applying for the provisional licence, taking the tests, and obtaining the full licence are all the same person. (Acc. to the DVLA, there has been a reduction in impersonations at tests)
  • They ensure that the person applying for the licence is old enough.
  • They minimise the chances of a person holding more than one licence, whether intentionally or not.
  • They increase the accuracy of the DVLA database, which in turn provides better information for the police and courts.